Homeless Charity to launch new shop

The current Nomad Trust store on Sincil Street

The Nomad Trust will be opening its second shop in Lincoln this Saturday.

The charity, which specialises in supporting the homeless, currently has a store on Sincil Street. The new store will open on the junction between Skellingthorpe Road and Moorland Avenue.

Dan Rodgers is the commercial manager for Lincolnshire YMCA, the company that runs the Nomad Trust, and he explained what the Trust does and what the shops are trying to achieve:

He added: “Our expectation with the new shop is again that it brings in enough money to keep our projects going and brings a niche shop to that area. There aren’t any charity shops in that area at the moment so we really want to support that community as well with affordable, quality clothes and furniture.”

Dan also discussed the positive feedback from the people in the local area:

“We’ve spoken to a lot of residents in those areas asking if there was a need for it, if it was something they would like to see. That’s been received really well.

“Again, with the people that donate to us, knowing that it’s reaching more of the city and more of the area has gone down really well.”

Lastly, he said the YMCA’s plan is to expand the reach of the shops to outside of Lincoln:

“We would like ultimately to spread across Lincolnshire. Our plan is to set up one new shop a year for five years, so we have five stores and reach out to the other towns around Lincoln. So it really becomes Lincolnshire YMCA and the Nomad Trust, rather than just focuses in Lincoln.”

This story, including the interview, was completed and uploaded only on an iPhone 6 (using iMovie for editing and WordPress for uploading). This is part of my university’s mobile journalism assignment. 


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