Is iTunes on Android a good idea?

Apple Logo. Photo: aditza121 via Flickr
Apple Logo. Photo: aditza121 via Flickr

There have recently been rumours that Apple is considering making an iTunes app for the Android platform. This is quite interesting and there are definitely reasons to suggest this is a good thing to do.

For someone like me, an iTunes Android app would be fantastic because I have a Mac laptop but a Samsung Galaxy S4 as my mobile. What this means is transferring music and movies is by no means a seamless process. If I were to download a song on my phone, I would have to go to Google Music on my computer and download the file and then transfer it to iTunes. If I had bought the song on my computer, I would have drag the files across as if my phone were a USB drive. So, long story short, it’s a hassle. If Apple releases an iTunes app, all I have to do is download it and sign in to my account and there is all my content.

Secondly, whether Apple likes it or not, Android makes up a significant portion of the smartphone market. Currently, there are over 1 billion Android devices. What this means is, there’s a massive group of people Apple is missing out on. If they have an app on the App Store and the Google Play Store, the amount of revenue they could make would be great for the company. In addition, it could seriously hurt the Play Store itself as a competitor.

I can definitely see an iTunes app being released on Android because I’m sure Apple knows how much money they could make. Also, the company is used to sharing an app on a competitor’s platform. In 2003, they made iTunes available for Windows after two years of being Mac exclusive. Also, in 2007, Apple put the Safari web browser on Windows after being Mac exclusive for four years. It would be a similar story if Apple creates an iTunes Android app.

Steve Jobs once said that Apple wasn’t considering creating an iTunes Android app because he didn’t want to make Android users happy. However, things have moved on and Tim Cook is CEO now and it wouldn’t surprise me if he decides to go forward with it. For me, it’s definitely a good idea.


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