What has happened to Manchester United this season?

Nemanja Vidic. Photo: calciostreaming via Flickr
Nemanja Vidic. Photo: calciostreaming via Flickr

This season for Manchester United has been disappointing to say the least. Players have been under performing, the manager’s tactics have been off for many games and the fans are getting increasingly unhappy. The game against West Brom last Saturday eased a bit of the pressure but a couple of questions were still raised. The club has a massive month ahead with some very important matches and after them, we’ll have a much better understand of what direction Manchester United are going.

Sir Alex Ferguson emphasised that the fans must support David Moyes. From the community shield win and then the opening game against Swansea, which finished 4-1 to United, people were saying the transition would not be a hard as expected. However, as time has gone on, games have been lost against Newcastle, West Brom, Chelsea, Liverpool and more. Why?

1) Too many players still want Alex Ferguson as their manager. They are so caught up in how good he was and the success they had with him, they didn’t want to change. The reality is that it has changed and players like Nemanja Vidic, Rio Ferdinand, Patrice Evra and Robin Van Persie don’t want to fight for Moyes. Van Persie, in general, isn’t playing as well as last season- that showed in the West Brom game.

2) No creativity. So many games this season have just drifted by with United almost creating no chances and eventually, the opponent’s had a chance and scored. Even in the first half of West Brom, it was a similar story.

3) Defensive mistakes. If you aren’t creating chances, at least keep it together in defence but United haven’t done that. There have been too many poor goals e.g. in the games against Chelsea and Hull. David De Gea has only made one mistake this season, which has led to a goal and that means that the people in front of him are doing no favours.

4) Wrong tactics. Moyes hasn’t covered himself in glory either. Teams like Newcastle, Sunderland, Swansea are coming to Old Trafford and tactically outwitting us. That is not acceptable when you’re Manchester United.

Like I said in the introduction, March is a crucial month and Moyes has to show that he is taking the club in the right direction. If Liverpool and Man City both beat United, fans will seriously question whether he is the right man.


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